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Rental Bridesmaids Dresses


This is a fantastic idea…rental bridesmaid dresses. The men get to rent their tuxes, why not us ladies? How many of you have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses that you plan to wear again but you don’t? All of us! Well Vow to be Chic has fixed that for you! This fabulous company is an online bridesmaid dress company that allows you to rent a dress for around $100.  You shop their selection, send them your measurements and they will send you the gown of your choice in two different sizes. You try them on, choose one, return them and then the dress of your choosing will arrive one week before the wedding. You don’t even have to store it for long! Yay. After the wedding, throw the dress back in the mail and you are all set. No buyers remorse, no storing a dress you hate but can’t get rid of because it was $200. Brilliant!


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Be My Maid?

Gone are the days of simply asking your friends if they would be your bridesmaids. Now even that has a theme and is a part of the planning.  Get creative when asking your girls if they would do you of the honor of being your bridesmaids.


Wed Loft

A Trendy Blog




Two Little Love Birds



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These Boots were Made for Bridesmaids

I love me some cowboy boots, but I especially love bridesmaids in cowboy boots! They are so cute and casual and not to mention comfortable. Plus it adds so much personality to your maids and your entire day. So cowgirl up!


Project Wedding

Thunderstorms and Catnaps



Caught the Bouquet

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Seeing Stripes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love stripes. But specifically right now, I’m mad for bridesmaids in stripes! Why do we think they need to be in solids? Where did that rule come from? Let’s put an end to it and quickly! I love the idea of your maids in fun, bright stripes. What a fantastic backdrop for a stark white dress! Love it! Try it! Please!


Luv and I Do

Southern Weddings

Elizabeth Anne Design



South Bound Bride

Taylor’D Events

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Pretty Patterns

The days of bridesmaids in solid colored matching satin or taffeta are over. It is much more common these days to have mismatched maids in the same color family, or one color but different dresses and even the newer trend of patterns. And why not, who says you all need to be in solids. Matchy matchy is so out and mixing it up is in!

Intimate Weddings

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Bridesmaid Trade Blog



Green Wedding Shoes

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Wedding Day Survival Kit

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most exciting days in your life. However it can also be one of the most hetic days too. Being prepared and putting together a wedding day survival kit for you and your bridesmaids will save you time and frustrations if you hit a little bump in the road. Here are 12 day-of must haves:

– Tide To Go stick

– Mini deodorant

– Bottles of nail polish (Clear and the color the bride is wearing)

– Box of Kleenex

– Small mints

– Double stick tape

– Sewing kit

– Bandaids

– Bobby pins

– Advil

– Mini static cling spray

– Mini hairspray

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Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here, YAY! So all I can think about is pretty, springy pastels. Muted, watery shades of pinks, yellows and greens make for such a happy, light feel!


Green Wedding Shoes

Cheap Unique Wedding

Modern Wedding Invitations

OMG I'm Getting Married



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Will the Red Carpet Set Wedding Trends?

There were several reoccurring themes we saw on the Golden Globe’s red carpet on Sunday. We wonder if we will see these trends make their way down the aisle this year?

Mermaid dresses in bright colors with casual hair –

Nude dresses (I love the idea of nude bridesmaid dresses!) –

This is my favorite dress of the evening on Julie Bowen!

All photos via Hollywood Reporter

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Mismatched Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids no longer have to be all in the same dress, shoes, etc. Today’s brides are mixing and matching colors, using prints and allowing their maids to choose their dresses. I love this trend. I believe this makes for happier bridesmaids and more interesting photos.

The Vow Factor

I Plan it Right


We Heart It

Wedding Dresses Advisors Blog

Handle Productions

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White Wedding Party

I love the look of an entire wedding party (ok bridesmaids) in white or ivory or something close to white. I think it looks so chic! I don’t believe there are many brides willing to give up the tradition of being the only one in white. But if you are one of those brides, you can create an ultra chic look that is amazing!

David Wittig

the knot


Twirl Talk


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