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Tuesday Shoesday

Chevron Shoes! Sophia Webster Mila Suede Peeptoe Cutout Bootie $735


Neiman Marcus

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Color Combo: Pink, Yellow and Orange

I feel like this is an oddly difficult color combination to pull off somehow. If your pink and orange aren’t the right shade they could end up getting lost one upon the other. And if you are doing a color combo this bold you do not want anything getting lost. This combo is all about standing out. If done correctly these shades can look so fresh and summery. It makes me smile just thinking about it!


Project Wedding


Want that Wedding






Style Me Pretty

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Drink and Be Married

After I finally finished moving earlier this week, I thought to myself, a cool and refreshing drink sounds like a perfect way to celebrate! Of course, since my mind almost inevitably makes the jump from daily life to the wonderful world of weddings, I thought I’d make a blog post and share with you some pretty (and delicious!) cocktail creations:


Pink punch in gold-rimmed glasses garnished with a slice of lemon – pink and yellow, yummy and playful! | Style Me Pretty


It’s always amazing seeing how different shades of the same color can create an entirely different feel – here, a softer shade of pink paired with gold creates a more elegant, upscale vibe | 100 Layer Cake


Champagne with rock candy stick – sweet and bubbly! | Style Me Pretty


Rose petal and prosecco punch – looks good and tastes even better! | Everything Fabulous

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Seeds of Love

As I write this it is planting season and flowers are popping up everywhere. It is beautiful, I love spring in DC! This made me think, what a wonderful thing seeds are. They come in lovely little packets, they are cheap and make for wonderful, adorable, green, actually useful favors. I am no fan of favors in general, but I do love the idea of giving seeds however you may choose to do it.




Polka Dot Bride




Style Me Pretty


Style Me Pretty


Memorable Wedding

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Tuesday Shoesday

Candy Colored Cuteness! Sophia Webster JoJo T-Strap Ankle Wrap Sandal


Neiman Marcus

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Happy Anniversary Jenelle & Seth

Danielle Cover Photography

Happy Anniversary Jenelle & Seth!


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Once Upon a Dream

Your wedding day is like your dream come true, and what fairytale character captures this better than Princess Aurora? In the last post of this series, we experienced the opulent grandeur of a Cinderella-inspired wedding; this week, we come back down to earth with a rustic – but no less elegant – wedding fit for Sleeping Beauty.

Although the Disney version shows Aurora wearing her trademark pink dress, I actually prefer the lavender version from ABC’s TV show Once Upon a Time (reproduced below):

For me at least, lavender evokes a dreamier feel than pink, and the shredded – almost feathery – bottom layers of this dress adds a layer of whimsy as well


If Aurora were a real-life bride, I would imagine that she’d wear this lovely creation by Lazaro on her wedding day


The white peonies and ivory spray roses in this lush bouquet provide a sense of romance and rustic elegance| Style Me Pretty


This bridesmaid dress, like the bridal dress, has texture; also, the slim metallic belt adds a bit of glam to this rustic affair| Loverly


The texture of this lovely cake echoes the texture of the bridal gown, and the loose arrangement of lavender and olive branches continues the rustic theme | Brides


This lavender centerpiece creates the perfect blend of rustic charm and magical whimsy | Wedding Chicks


And there you have it – another installment in the fairytale-inspired wedding series!

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Happy Anniversary Sheena & Ben

August 11, 2012


Pier 23 Photography

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Tuesday Shoesday

Bootyliscious – Brian Atwood Ladosa Snakeskin Laceup Sandal


Neiman Marcus

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Happy Anniversary Nancy & Steve

August 11, 2012

Ethan Yang Photography

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