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We listen to music all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. Every day we subconsciously perceive music in a wide variety of situations. This can be, for example, over loudspeakers in the supermarket or during television programs and advertising, where music is usually used in the background to underline the atmosphere. Of course, this can also be in the context of an event or a conference with a live band or background music.

This is always about subconscious or inactive listening to music that influences our behavior. But how exactly does music influence the behavior of your event participants?

Influence the behavior of your participants with music

If you use the right type of music, it can be very profitable. Certain types of music can make us move through a place faster, linger longer or spend more. Fast and loud music doesn’t make people run surprisingly faster. Slow music, on the other hand, makes people slow down. This may sound trite, but it’s an important factor in setting a mood for an event. Would you rather that your participants are charged with energy or that they are relaxed and easy going?

When should I play which music?
If you’re organizing a race or sports event, turn up the volume and play dance or rock music. If you are organizing an exhibition, consider using slower, softer tones to keep the pace steady. Music may also have an effect on our understanding.. For example, classical music temporarily increases the perceived value of an object. In these situations, test participants projected associations they had with the music – elegant and sophisticated – on the object itself.

So you can use this principle at your event
Music is usually an underused element at events. It is difficult to say how much influence a certain type of music will have on your participants. one research also say that when we are emotionally overloaded or sleepy, we are more receptive to subtle influences such as music.. For example, if you want your attendees to leave the event full of energy and confidence, upbeat songs and power ballads can make a real difference. If you are organizing a dating event, love vibes should also be felt. These help the participants to get in the mood to meet new people.


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The impact of background music may be small if we only look at the behavior of each individual. Still, all of these influences add up. Conference participants listen more attentively to the speakers with the right music like converting music video to ‘ Mp4 Youtube converter ‘. Singles may rate the other participants in the event as more positive and attractive. This can have a positive impact on word-of-mouth advertising about your event.