How a Once in a Lifetime Event Can Be Ruined by Nuisance Animals

A big let down to many planned events in the Sothwestern region is finding out too late that the outdoor lights that were set up earlier have been sabotaged. While at first these incidents were thought of as vile pranks by some nasty neighbors who have an axe to grind against the homeowner ot the celebrant, local investigations revealed that the real culprits were small nuisance creatures. The likeliest of which are the gray squirrels, which Animal Control Officers say, have a penchant for chewing on electrical wires.

In most Southwestern states particularly Texas, which has the largest population of grey squirrels, the animals can be seen scampering across streets and outside of households. In a worst case scenario, some even use attics as breeding grounds; perhaps if after some scouting, a particular attic presented the safest place in which to bring out squirrel litter.

However, a major problem with gray squirrels and other wildlife nuisance like raccoons, and rabbits, is that they have developed a liking for electrical wires and cables. Those located outdoors are more accessible and because some Christmas outdoor lights are shaped like nuts, some squirrels also took off with some of these light bulbs.

What is It About Electrical Wires that Make It Attractive to Squirrels?

According to Forbes Magazine, which took interest in finding out what makes electrical wires attractive to squirrels — the likeliest answer to the question is the soy-based materials in use as coating for the electrical wires.

It also explains why aside from decorative outdoor lights, squirrels, raccoons and rodents find parked automobiles attractive because there’s a whole lot of electrical wirings available inside. It’s even worse, if the car’s upholstery is made from soy-based materials because the entire space is a smorgasbord of chewables that meet the liking of this nuisance wildlife.

Actually, the need for these creatures to chew on something is not just out of hunger but of the necessity to prevent their teeth from growing too long. It turns out that these species of rodents have constantly growing teeth, which they need to maintain at a practical length. In forests, there’s an abundance of tree barks, twigs and sticks to chew on; but perhaps for these creature, nothing compares to the savory taste of soy-based coating materials.

The chewing exercise also makes their teeth sharper, and capable of cutting wires cleanly like a knife or scissor. Although squirrels in San Antonio, Texas are generally harmless, it would be safer for homeowners to call an expert technician from a San Antonio squirrel removal company. These firms not only safely remove squirrels from yards and attics but also help homeowners find a solution to keep the nuisance creatures from coming back.

Texas Laws to Keep in Mind When Confronted with Wildlife Nuisance Problems

Squirrel removal experts will use humane methods of trapping the animals and as a way to prevent them from coming back, they will seal all possible entry points inside homes will be sealed. In Texas, the removal company will not just release the squirrel back in the forest but will have to call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The wildlife managers will in turn give guidance on where to relocate and release the captured grey squirrels. The purpose of which is to make sure the nuisance animals will not pose as threats to other smaller species of wildlife. .

Take note that there are laws protecting these animals, which means even if the animals caused damages to a property or ruined a perfectly planned outdoor wedding, one cannot just shoot them because they can be killed during hunting seasons. Shooting squirrels in residential areas is a different circumstance, as doing so will put other people’s lives in danger.

10 YouTube Channels For Event Planners



The events and meetings neighborhood around YouTube is blowing. For partners, it is becoming more and more important to remain at the forefront of the newest advertising trends.

That is why we’ve pulled together a number of the very greatest Youtube stations for event partners to check out along with new occasion suggestions and inspiration. Our listing considers the number of readers the station has, the number of videos that they comprise, as well as the helpfulness of this content.

Take a Look At 10 YouTube Stations for Event Planners and if you are one, be sure to watch or even download their videos using

1. EventPlanning Blueprint TV

Melanie Woodward, creator and event planner, made Event Planning Blueprint as a consequence of constructing her event planning company. She’s proposed events across the globe, worked with actors and sports pros, and handled multi-million buck occasions. These instruments exhibit Melanie’s unique capacity to make efficiencies while still adding value and preventing common business errors. People who utilize Event Planning Blueprint will save not just money and time, they will exhibit a degree of professionalism that reflects decades of event planning expertise.

2. The Caterer

See exclusive movies in the hospitality business, such as recipe masterclasses, star and Michelin chef interviews, resort excursions, and kitchen layouts in the leading weekly transaction name Caterer and Hotelkeeper.

3. Infinite Entertainment

Endless Entertainment generates the equation through trust and simplicity. They treat every facet of the occasion from amusement to jaw-dropping creation. This station features the favorite event-icons show, where every week 4 business experts share their insight into the world of events and meetings. Launched in 2007 by Will Curran, Limitless Entertainment is focused to offer the ideal A/V support for events and meetings.

4. Social Tables

The #1 software for both properties and planners to work together online, Social Tables is the industry-leading supplier of cloud-based hospitality applications that place venues to work collaboratively and efficiently with their meeting and event clients. Over 300,000 unique users trust the background and mobile product lineup including 2D and 3D space diagramming; industry intelligence for resorts; and event attendee administration.


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5. IMEX Group

The IMEX Group YouTube Channel is your House of IMEX TV along with video content Created by this IMEX Group. Here you’ll see videos regarding both IMEX in Frankfurt and also IMEX America such as interviews with key business specialists, instructional sessions, and information releases. We include movies all year round so please check back regularly.

6. Fast Mobile

QuickMobile is changing events and meetings across the globe. When it’s raising attendee involvement, developing loyalty, or creating earnings, fulfilling professionals leverage our options to make richer experiences, stretching events to some yearlong dialog and cultivating lasting relationships with their own viewers.

7. Catersource

Catersource is the top B2B source for caterers and provides quality service to the rising catering marketplace. This station contains highlights from our live events, such as our annual Conference & Tradeshow in Las Vegas

8. BizBash

BizBash is currently North America’s #1 source of thoughts, information, and tools for meeting and event professionals. Every month nearly 200,000 unique users seem to BizBash for place discovery, event fashion, technologies, and resources for their second event. Our station reports the latest information, thoughts, and event reporting in your BizBash editors.

9. Occasion Manager Blog

The YouTube Channel for Event Manager Blog, a Significant book for future professionals. The Way To, Event Technology & Trends. Plan awesome occasions & enhance your career. Join the greatest neighborhood of event planners globally.

10. Occasions Uncovered TV

Occasion Uncovered TV includes a collection of interviews with business leaders hosted by Silvia Pellegrini. The station features videos on various subjects, from utilizing occasion technology to event and meeting design.