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Cookie Tables

So I have a friend who is from the Pittsburgh area getting married soon and there is much talk of her cookie table. Something I had never heard of. I also happen to be reading a book about an Italian wedding and once again, the cookie table seems to be a very important aspect for the Italians as well. Apparently family and friends are asked to bake come cookies and then they are all compiled on the cookie table for guests to nosh on! I can’t wait to witness (ok eat from) the phenomenon soon! I love the idea and think we should all have cookie tables! Let’s all get behind this yummy trend!

The Bridal Detective

The Knot

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty

true bliss

South Dakota Wedding Style




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What’s for Dinner?

I’m no foody, but I do love Thanksgiving for some reason. I love Thanksgiving food, the cranberry sauce, the pie, the mash potatoes! Oh, so much comfort food! What are you making for Thanksgiving dinner?

How Does She

Kids Kubby

Snappy Pixels

My Baking Addiction

She Knows


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Thanksgiving Treats

My favorite part of Thanksgiving (besides the company and you know, being thankful) is the snacking – ok that is my favorite part of any holiday. This year we are cooking and I’m about to let you in on a few of the treats we may just have. Don’t worry, they won’t all be sweets, we’ll throw a few veggies in there for you weirdos! 😉

Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

Nutmeg Nanny

Personal Apple Pies

Party City

Acorn Cookies


Champagne w/ Cranberries

Party City

Chai Pumpkin Spice Thumbprints

Pass the Sushi

Personal Pies

Party City

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Easter’s On Its Way!

I love any holiday that features lots of candy and treats and Easter is one of them! I would love to nosh on any of these adorable and delicious treats! Not to mention make them, so fun!

fancy flours

lea's papercrafting and photo blog

321 stamp

little birdie secrets

thoughts from alice w.

hip hip horray


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The Sweet Lobby

My husband and I recently moved to the Hill and one of the first things I noticed was a tiny little store called The Sweet Lobby. I kept looking at it, wondering what it was (since I did not happen to see them win on Cupcake Wars) and wanting to go. Until one day I asked a friend who had told me about getting some cupcakes on the Hill where she got them and she told me The Sweet Lobby! Yay, exactly what I had hoped for, it is a sweet shop right in my neighborhood! Finally this past week I popped in after a meeting. The shop is teeny tiny, packed with customers and the staff is lovely. They have cupcakes, macarons, madeleines and tea.

I felt I needed to try a true sampling of what they had to offer. So I picked up four cupcakes (red velvet, s’mores, chocolate vanilla and chocolate salted caramel) and four french macarons (red hot chili chocolate, rose, vanilla and lemon rasberry). They had lots of other delightful looking flavors of both the cupcakes and macarons. My husband and I sat down for some serious taste testing. First up was the chocolate vanilla for me and the red velvet for him. He was immediately in love. He loved the cake but really loved the cream cheese frosting. I believe this may be his favorite red velvet cupcake (though I have not confirmed that). 🙂 I thought the cake on the chocolate vanilla was amazing! It was so moist and yummy and I loved how they frosted the cupcake with a chocolate glaze (I guess that is what you would call it) and then the vanilla frosting was on top of that. I was not thrilled with the frosting. This is totally a personal thing and I am probably in the minority, but I want a sugary frosting. I’m talking I want to taste the grains of sugar in my frosting…sheet cake from the grocery store frosting is what I’m talking about here! So that being said, the frosting was light and yummy, but not sugary enough for my tastes.

Next we tried the macarons. I tried the rose and my husband the red hot chili chocolate. The macarons themselves were lovely. Sweet and a little crunchy on the outside and pretty, they have cute sparkles on top which I loved. But again, the filling didn’t do it for me, not sweet enough. But on day two we hit the jackpot. We had saved the s’mores and chocolate salted caramel cupcakes and the vanilla and lemon raspberry macarons. The s’mores cupcake was awesome!!! It had the moist yummy chocolate cake but with a sweet, gooey toasted marshmallow frosting. YUM! And while the chocolate salted caramel and vanilla macaron were good, the lemon raspberry macaron was perfect. The  fruit filling is where it is at with the macarons!

All in all I’m excited there is a nearby place to get beautiful macarons and a  yummy cupcake. Next time I try the madelienes and their tea! And I’m excited to report that they cater! So next time you need sweets for your wedding or event, The Sweet Lobby is a great option!

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St. Patrick Day Treats

I will admit, that I’m no fan of dying food. Like at Valentine’s Day when they make the Oreos pink in the middle or everything is red and green at Christmas. I’m just a traditionalist when it comes to my sweets I guess, I have no desire for  green food (died or otherwise to be honest). 😉 However, for those of you who are not opposed to using a little food coloring, there sure are some cute St. Patrick Day treats out there that I can’t say I wouldn’t eat if they were offered to me!

Lucky Dessert Table

Anders ruff

St. Patrick Day’s Marshmellows

Simply Fun Stuff

Chocolate Covered Shamrock Pretzels

Kami Buchanan

Green Velvet Cake Pops (p.s. how cute is this blog, Love From the Over?!)

Love From The Oven

Homemade Shamrock Pretzels

It's the Little Things In Life

Lucky Charms Cupcakes (such a cute idea!)

My Own Ideas

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Crazy for Candy

I am crazy for candy and lucky for me, the now trendy candy table or candy bar is an extremely popular feature at weddings these days. I usually recommend to my clients that they use the candy bar as a favor for their guests. If you already have cake and possibly some other dessert, people usually do not need candy as well. Folks usually don’t have the sweet tooth I have. But if you offer it as a favor, near the exit at the end of the evening, people will go crazy for it and love to bring it home for themselves or their children! Here are a few of my favorites!

I love:

Non-table candy tables



Sweet and Simple


All one color


Interesting backdrops


Cute signage


Drinks to match


Cake as a centerpiece

live the fancy life

Create height


Different canisters


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Valentine’s Day Sweets

I LOVE Valentine’s Day! Not just because I love love, but because I love pink and everything is pink at Valentine’s Day and because I love sweets and it is all about the sweets! Really there could not be a more fabulous holiday but one in which we celebrate our love with candy! If you are planning to make some sweets for your Valentine then I personally want to try all of these!

Red Hot Fudge


Ispahan Macarons

Mad Baker

Pocky Cake

In a Fun Sized World

Milk & Cookie Lollipops


I love this cake and how cute are the ice cream scoops!

Sweet Tooth

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Scary Halloween Sweets & Treats

Halloween is almost here! While I always have to work when everyone is going out, it has always been one of my favorite holidays. There are not many times when children and adults alike give into the simple joy of dressing up and being silly. It makes me happy. Here are some scary sweets and treats to make for your halloween parties!

Sugared Skull Cookies

Creepy Crows Claws

Marshmallow Mummies

Ominous Flaky Owls

Wiches Broom Snacks

Frankenstein’s Monser’s Toes

Creepy Crawlers

Lemon Slime Punch

All images and recipes from Pillsbury

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4th of July Treats

Many people will be throwing or attending parties this weekend. Here is some inspiration on what to serve or bring with you.

amy bird tweets

everything typepad

dresses 'n messes

simply sweet home

kl moore' events


chef mom she knows

baking bites

brown eyed baker

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