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Challenge BYOB Day 2: (Update!)

For Day 2 of our BYOB challenge, we decided to create a couple new images for our social media sites.  Hope you guys like them!

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Events to a T Hiring Summer Intern

Events to a T is hiring a social media intern. This person will be responsible for writing blog posts and keeping all of our social media sites updated. Must have a love of the events/wedding industry, knowledge of wordpress and social media sites. Please send a resume to tracy@eventstoatdc.com


Ebony Peoples



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Vendor: Appy Couple

Do you use your phone to look at websites more than your computer (not counting while you are at work of course) 😉 I think we all do, people are on the move, busy, doing things. Nobody is sitting at their computer these days. That is why this new app and website creating site is so perfect. Appy Couple  allows you to create an adorable app and website for your wedding, send it to those you want, post it on social media, and allows your guests to upload pics from your wedding afterward. Nothing drives me more crazy that not being able to access a certain part of a website on my phone. It is always the one link you need and it isn’t there. Appy Couple completely eliminates that frustration by turning your wedding website into an app. Such a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to get my first invitation for someone’s wedding app.


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New Social Seating Tool

Ever go to a wedding and get stuck at a table with a bunch of people you don’t know? There is the awkward “hi, I’m so and so” as you sit down before you move into the “how do you know the bride and groom?” conversation. Social Tables, a new social seating tool based in DC, was created to alleviate that exact scenario. Social Tables is an event planning platform that helps you build an active community for your guests. The sleek, easy-to-use interface is ideal for event planners as well as regular folk planning a big or small event.

How the site works is by allowing planners, brides, whomever, to create an event, upload their guests from another site, arrange them at their tables, tag them and connect them through social networking. Now your guests can get to know one another before the event or find out who will be attending a networking function. If one doen’t wish to allow their guests to socialize before the event (because we all know nobody wants their guests complaining about where they are sitting or asking to sit somewhere specific), then the event can be shared with guests after the event. This allows guests to continue their networking or connect with that person they talked to all night through dinner. And finally, if you don’t want to connect your guests, you can skip the invitation and use the site as a seating management tool.

The best function of the site is the ability to share your seating with whomever you like. Therefore, the caterer, planner, host, florist, all the vendors who need to be can see and use the same seating chart. RSVP’s can be collected on the site and all key players will know where things stand. Oh and all of this is FREE (for now anyway).

Anyone planning an event should check out Social Tables. It will remove the stress of seating.

Check out the how-to video to learn more about this great tool! Social Tables How to

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