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Challenge BYOB: Day 3 (Your #1 Question Answered)

Getting engaged is SO exciting! Some couples have been planning and dreaming for this day for some time. And a lot of people know exactly what they want but maybe don’t have the time or need help executing their vision. That is where I come in. When I meet with engaged couples the #1 (both most frequently asked and the first thing they ask) is…


A: I am not hired to make decisions for my clients. I am there to guide each of them through the event planning process, to ease their stress and produce their event, not mine.

So worry not control freaks and type A personalities! I speak your language, but this is your wedding.  Planners universally want their clients to be happy and have an amazing day. I will work with you however you are most comfortable and works best for you so that you have the wedding day of your dreams!


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What to ask your caterer

I recently had a client ask me what questions to ask the caterer when attending an upcoming meeting. It occurred to me, this is something others might want to know. So here are my top 5 questions to ask your caterer before you sign on the dotted line.

1. Do you offer kids meals at a different price point? You do not want to pay $100/head for a kid to eat chicken fingers, nor do you want to make a 2 year old eat filet mignon.
2. How do you feed vendors? Are they fed the guest meal or do you offer boxed meals or sandwiches at a different price point? Like the kids, you don’t want to pay $100/head for sandwiches for the vendors. But note, you do want to feed your vendors.
3. What rentals do they offer and at what price? Tables, chairs, linens?
4. How many other weddings or events do they do in one day?
5. Can they provide alcohol?

Other questions you may or may not already have gotten answers to while obtaining sample menus:
1. Do you provide cake?
2. Can I bring in my own cake?
3. What kind of deposit do you require?
4. Will your staff set up and break down?
5. Do you have table numbers, cake cutter/server?
6. Do you charge a cake cutting fee?

Speak with more than one caterer, get sample menus, remember that you can change them around to suit you and do a tasting. Remember, they want to please you and get your business, so if you don’t love something you taste, tell them it won’t hurt their feelings, they want you to be happy.

Happy tasting!

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