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Needed: Social Media Intern

We at Events To a T are seeking a social media intern. This person will be responsible for writing blog posts and keeping all of our social media sites updated. You must have a love for the events/wedding industry, knowledge of wordpress, and familiarity with all social media sites. Please send a resume to if you are interested in the position.

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2017 Weddings!


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My Thoughts Exactly!


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You’re Engaged…Now What?

Congratulations you’re engaged! You’ve called your mom, showed your friends your ring and bought tons of wedding magazines and scoured the blogs. Now what do you do?

1. Determine your budget. You cannot plan a single thing unless you know what you have to work with. Be realistic and plan to stick to the budget!

2. Make your guest list. You cannot look for a venue, a caterer, a florist, until you know a rough estimate of how many people will be at your wedding. And if your guest list and our budget don’t seem to coincide very well, for example if the number of people you invite leaves for $20 per person for catering, then you may want to reevaluate the guest list, not the budget.

3. Set your priorities. You are about to be faced with a lot of decisions and if you don’t know what is most important to you, it is going to be difficult to make those decisions. Something you thought you really wanted is bound to come back with a price tag you don’t want. So decide now, what is most important to you? Is it photography, food, music? This way when the photography proposal comes back with a higher price tag than you planned, you can know that it is your number 1 priority and therefore may be worth taking some of the budget from music and relocating it to photography.

4. Hire a planner. Of course! Someone has to help you make all of these decisions and stick to your budget! Do this early on before you are so stressed out you hate planning your wedding, your fiance and your family! 😉

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