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White Wedding

While it isn’t traditionally wedding season any longer, there are the brave few who still have a winter wedding. In my opinion it is so romantic! Snow, Christmas lights and trees, it just all feels so cozy and beautiful to me. And the more white the better!

i take you

paper blog



Bridal Guide


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Holiday Cheer

It is party season and whether you are throwing a party or attending one, it might be fun to offer some festive holiday cheer. These cocktails look so fun and yummy, I want one now!


A Family Feast

Pomegranate Sparkler

Love You Mean It

Cranberry Whiskey Sour


White Peppermint Chocolate Martini

A Family Feast

Gingerbread Man Martini

A Family Feast


The Cookie Rookie

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Just in time for holiday shopping, these are a few of my favorite things. Yes, this year has much less Kate Spade and a lot more practical items, but hey, things change. And seriously, do I need to suggest Kate Spade, it is just a given! I wish I could be like Oprah and give them all to you, shoot, I wish I could give them all to me!

Heluvua Good Greek Yogurt Dip (in French Onion)
Ok, so you are thinking this is an odd one to start off with and true, however, this is the best discovery I have made recently and I want everyone to know about it! It tastes just like chip dip and is only 40 calories! I cannot get enough! Maybe not the best gift, but great for your holiday parties or just to have around for the holidays.

Heluva Good

Hand Held Shower Head
There is pretty much nothing I love more these days than a steaming hot shower! Having a good shower head is key to a good shower.

Home Depot

Gas Fireplace
Yes, you can tell it is winter and I am a cold person because right behind my hot shower I could not live without my fireplace! Have a remote control gas fireplace is awesome because I have a fire 15 times a day and I never have to clean up or build a fire. I simply turn it on when I want it and turn it off when I don’t (which is only when I’m leaving the house)!

Woodland Direct

Sherpa Blanket
This thing is like my best friend. Yes, I know, another cold weather item, but it is just so cozy and warm and fuzzy and almost all need. Give me my sherpa blanket, my fire, a cup of tea and a book and I’m just about as happy as I can get.


Video Monitor
Life changing as a parent!


Asos Maternity Clothes
OMG, finally cute, affordable maternity clothes. I honestly thought this did not exist!






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Happy Holiday Home

Whether you have a holiday party or not, most people can get in the spirit to bring a little holiday cheer to their home this time of year. DIY, store bought, or all made by your children, you can’t mess up making your home happy for the holidays (ok, except maybe with all blue lights! bah humbug!). 😉

moco choco

My Home Life

We Heart It

The Fab Guide

be a fun mum


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Holiday Party Delicacies

It is about that time for all of us to start attending and or throwing numbers holiday parties. So fun! But what to serve or bring? I’m certain there are those who would disagree, but I think the cuter the better. Ok, it may not be elegant, but it is the holidays. Offer up a little cheer with your food. Why not?!

We Heart Parties



Catch My Party

Apple Cider Margarita – Yes Please!

Skinny Mom

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Set Your Thanksgiving Table

While I always have great intentions and would love to be all Martha Stewart about my Thanksgiving table, it is just a miracle I get dinner cooked anything else is just not going to happen. However, there are people like my sister who prioritize the table and makes sure she has a beautiful DIY centerpiece and decor. I want to be like her, but I know many of you are! If I were like my sister I would wish my table looked like any of these!

I love fruit as centerpieces!

Luxury House Design Sherman

Diary of a Fit Mommy

The Berry




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Happy Labor Day

Planning a Labor Day party? Want to get in that last bbq, squeeze the last bit of summer out of the season? What festive treats will you be serving? Any red white and blue DIY sweets to share with us? These look fabulous to me!

Blue Lemonade Cocktail with Watermelon Star Stirs


Chamagne Punch

Just Luxe

Harvest Spirits’ Seersucker Sling Labor Day Cocktail


Stoli Labor Day Lemonade

Single Minded Women

Labor Day Lounger

Lemon and Lime Events


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Inspired by Candy Canes

I am loving candy canes in any way shape or form right now. Candy stripes on linen, candy canes to eat, drink, as decor, as a topping. I’ll take my candy canes any way I can get them.

The Hot Spot

Swifts Orchids

Two Girls on the Go

Martha Stewart

My Recipes

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Gift Giving Guide for Men

I think buying for my husband is the hardest thing. He is so particular and men’s gadgets are so much more expensive than women’s. I can’t pick  him up a pretty little scarf and have him be thrilled. Here are my best ideas for the men in your life. Got any ideas of your own to add?

Not’s Your Dad’s Tie – I know a tie is so generic but this Fair Isle knit tie is so not the generic dad tie! Any dad (or not dad) would look hot in this.


Drink in Style – Jack Spade Repp Stripe Thermos

Jack Spade

Keep Cozy – Ben Sherman Plectrum Flat Cap

Ben Sherman

Whisk him away – Filson Small Duffel Bag


Keep Time – Natural Wooden Watch from Red Envelope

Red Envelope


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My Favorite Things

It is November, time for Oprah’s Favorite Things! And if Oprah can do it why not the rest of us right? Also known as “what to give any woman in your life for the holidays”. So take note gents, these are some great gift ideas.

Bling – Kate Spade glitterball Ipad sleeve. What better way to give a little sparkle without having to really give the real deal?

Kate Spade

Get Cozy – Who doesn’t want to imagine they are sea worthy? This anchor scarf from J.Crew makes you feel likes  sailor.


Wedge Booties – Enzo Angiolini


Chunky Necklace – Must have of the season. And in coral too. Wear it with everything. Stella and Dot Gold and Coral Epoxy Stone Bib Necklace

Stella and Dot

Stay covered – Gloves to go with your new scarf. Coach long colorblock pocket glove



– I LOVE tights. Tights might be my favorite thing. Ok well, probably not but I do love tights. A note on tights. You are never too old for tights! You are always too young for panty hose. Throw away your panty hose, get some cute tights. I’ll get off my soap box now. :)





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