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Cool Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are something many guests look forward to getting.  However, many brides and grooms do not think outside of the box with their favor choices. In order to prevent that, here are 10 unique and useful wedding favors that your guests will love!



Hot Cocoa

Hot-CocoaPop Sugar


34d2e8e95de0a9428cd2da6e187af1ffColin Cowie Weddings


4dd44cbd60d3da837c9cd23f6b2cc82bHuffington Post


264-645x967Love vs. Design




4ea4d17ae33608231cbc10218439a7c1DIY Ready


1afee8f82a1fe26bece7a334a2b1ae73MOD Wedding


0c60152cae269961bd8094503df128ebFab Mood

Hangover Kit


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Bring Sexy Back

Boudoir photos are becoming more and more popular and main stream these days. They make for a great wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just because gift for your partner. Who wouldn’t want some sexy photos of their spouse. I wish I’d been brave enough to do them pre-kids! And an added bonus you just might love the way you feel about yourself too! Go for it, everyone wins!




A Glimpse




The Adore Girls

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Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day and we all have a mother or are a mother or know a mother we love and appreciate. So make sure they feel loved with a little something special, DIY or store bought, it won’t matter as long as they are appreciated.


Better Homes and Gardens


DIY and Crafts


Better Homes and Gardens


Lucky Magazine



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Be Mine

It is time to start thinking about what you are going to get your valentine. Flowers are always nice, you mostly can’t go wrong with chocolate and a lovely dinner out can’t be beat, especially for those parents who deserve a night away. But for those of you who prefer to offer something more tangible here are a few ideas.

For the book lover
Kindle $69



Perfume or Cologne
Lovely by SJP $24.99

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.00.03 PM




Oasis Massage and Salon

1 month for $10 (women) $20 (men)



Whatever you give your valentine just make it from the heart and they will love it!

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Happy Mother’s Day

card store

I can’t decide if this is the perfect moment or not at all the right mindset to be writing a mother’s day post. As I attempt to write this my daughter is in her crib singing “bye bye bye bye” over and over and over again because she refuses to nap and I am at my whits end and about to pull my hair out. So that being said I’m in the perfect frame of mind to remind you to be nice to your mom and mother of your children!

I’m certain I don’t have many male or young readers, but just incase there are a few out there looking for a mother’s day idea, here are a few I wouldn’t mind. 🙂

A Day Off. Period, just that. Requires me to post no lovely pictures and you to spend not a dime. Only that you allow us to sleep in and then pretend like we are young carefree girls again for one entire day and night. 🙂

Spa Day. She can use this on her day off! Or a gift card to where she gets her hair done, because when is the last time mommy had time to get a hair cut kids?

Tablet. The only way I get any reading or emailing done is on my ipad when I’m trying to get the baby to sleep. I would accomplish half as much if I couldn’t read over a sleeping baby’s head!

Jewelry. You can’t go wrong with jewelry or Kate Spade. And how cute is this little bangle?!

Kate Spade

 DIY.  A “thank you”, a hug, a drawing, a card. Just show mom the love and that she is appreciated. That is all she really wants (ok that and the day off). 😉



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Guest Post on What to Put in Your Gift Bags

We are excited to have Emily our gift bag guru (ok she’s been our intern, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a gift bag guru), here to talk about what she loves to see in a gift. bag.

As if attending a wedding wasn’t fun enough in itself, being treated with a gift bag upon checking into your hotel helps set the tone for the weekend.  The gift bag says “Hey! Thanks for celebrating our love.  We are thrilled you are here.”  A gift bag is a very simple way for the bride and groom to let the guests know they appreciate their attendance.

I have attended quite a few weddings and I have compiled a list of my must-haves in a gift bag:

This is a staple to any gift bag.  Water will be the most appreciated item as they won’t have to take one from the $12 dollar mini-bar.

Magnet Street

This should be a no brainer.  Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  It is the first thing guests will look for in their bag and typically the first thing gone from their bag.

event now

Coupons from a local café or coffee shop
Do a little research near the hotels where your guests are staying.  Talk to a local café and ask if they can give you a coupon for either a percentage discount or a buy-one/get-one.  Your guests will appreciate the discount and the store will appreciate the business.

Honey Nut Cheerios
Include some travel breakfast servings. Trust me, it will be consumed. Not everyone wants to go to the brunch. Not everyone can even make it to the coffee shop before they head out of town.

Sewing kit
Tiny sewing kits were meant for wedding gift bags. Dozens of guests will wind up needing a safety pin, some help with a hem, or a tiny pair of scissors.


I am sure your food is delicious, but it may be because it has been smothered in delicious butter and garlic.  Your guests will appreciate having packed this item in their pocket or purse.

Classy Bride

Include some small packets. Your wedding is the party of the year, right?  If so, then these will definitely be needed.

Let your guests have a way to be familiar with the area.  If you have some down time between the ceremony and the reception, point out some local hot stops they can stop by to grab a drink.  They will appreciate the references.

Robin Egg Blue

Make sure your guests know how to access the free internet. Print out a little sheet of paper with the internet code for the hotel or the nearest Wifi spot.

And see our post earlier this week about fabulous ways to package all of this stuff!


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Be My Maid?

Gone are the days of simply asking your friends if they would be your bridesmaids. Now even that has a theme and is a part of the planning.  Get creative when asking your girls if they would do you of the honor of being your bridesmaids.


Wed Loft

A Trendy Blog




Two Little Love Birds



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My Favorite Things

It is November, time for Oprah’s Favorite Things! And if Oprah can do it why not the rest of us right? Also known as “what to give any woman in your life for the holidays”. So take note gents, these are some great gift ideas.

Bling – Kate Spade glitterball Ipad sleeve. What better way to give a little sparkle without having to really give the real deal?

Kate Spade

Get Cozy – Who doesn’t want to imagine they are sea worthy? This anchor scarf from J.Crew makes you feel likes  sailor.


Wedge Booties – Enzo Angiolini


Chunky Necklace – Must have of the season. And in coral too. Wear it with everything. Stella and Dot Gold and Coral Epoxy Stone Bib Necklace

Stella and Dot

Stay covered – Gloves to go with your new scarf. Coach long colorblock pocket glove



– I LOVE tights. Tights might be my favorite thing. Ok well, probably not but I do love tights. A note on tights. You are never too old for tights! You are always too young for panty hose. Throw away your panty hose, get some cute tights. I’ll get off my soap box now. 🙂





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Creative Card Boxes

It is often a last minute thought “oh shoot, what am I going to put cards in”. And that is how people end up gift wrapping three boxes, sticking them on top of one another and cutting a slot in them to throw your cards. I’m here to say, please stop that! You cards can go in anything, literally, anything that holds things! Why not get creative and use something you already have around or that you can use later?!

Intimate Weddings

Intimate Weddings


Wedding Window

Pretty Brass Tacks

Bridal Musings

Lemiga Events

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Groomsmen Gifts

I think that men are exceedingly more difficult to buy for than women. I’ve been thrilled to receive a $3 pen because it was sparkly and pink! Men are not as easy, they like electronics and video games and aren’t going to get all that excited about something thoughtful (if I were to categorize). That being said, I think these are a few gifts your groomsmen could get excited about.



Shaving Kit

Wedding Paradise

Personalized Bobbleheads

Wedding Deja Vu



Duffle Bags


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