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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and this seems to be a holiday that people tend to stress about a lot.  That definitely should not be the case though.  This holiday is all about having fun and letting the people in your life know how much you care about them.  Sooooo why not have a Valentine’s Day party!? Invite all of your friends, couples, singles, and everyone in between.  Make it a huge party that is so much fun that no one will have to worry about being alone this Valentine’s Day.

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Election Night Party Ideas

Tomorrow is election night! As fun as it can be to go out and watch the results, I find it to be even better to host a small gathering in the comfort of your own home.  We all know that sometimes election night can turn into an all night event.  So, if you have not made plans already, invite a few people over for a last minute party.  Here are some easy and stress free ideas that will make your election night epic!

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Summer Wine Tasting Soirée

August will be here in a couple days and after that, summer is over *tear*  Before summer is a thing of the past and fall quickly approaches, there are plenty of parties to attend and host.  One of my favorite summer parties that my mom and I host every year  is a wine tasting party.  We invite all of our close family and friends for an intimate backyard gathering filled with delicious appetizers, great conversation, and plenty of wine of course!  Here are some ideas that we’ve used over the years that you can incorporate into your very own wine tasting party!

DIY Table Runner

9a6d8fd1dca58040a98a2a0a5a218163Oh Happy Day

Wine Tasting Platter

Summer-Tapas-Cheese-Board-3-1-490x326Take Two Tapas

Wine Bottle Centerpieces

wine-bottle-wedding-table-centerpiece-768x509Homed It

Easy Appetizers

6659994165_f886aea25c_zPioneer Woman

Wine Tasting Order

wine-tasting-orderWine Folly

Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Kabobs

frozen-fruit-skewers-recipeOne Little Project

DIY Wine Glasses *perfect as a guest favor*

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Fruit Infused Water

watercoverHomemade Recipes

Bite Sized Desserts

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The “F” Word: A planner’s least favorite thing to hear

No, not THAT F word…FRIEND.  As in –  Planner: “do you have a photographer yet?” Client: “my friend will be doing that”.  Cue ringing in our ears and our hearts dropping. When a planner hears “my friend will be doing that” what we instantly fear is a. no contract, b. no experience (or no paid experience anyway), c. limited understanding of how to work with other vendors and their mutual client, d. no communication with them prior to the event, e. a disappointed client.

Of course I’m making very broad strokes here and I want to point out that I had a recent client whose friend did her makeup and she looked beautiful. That being said I’ve had more clients who used friends for photography, videography, DJ, flowers and their results were not what they hoped for. Nor what I had hoped for for that matter. As a planner, we count on all of the other vendors to come through (and vice-versa it is a collective effort) to make a wonderful event for our client.  We count on photographers to know exactly how much time they need to get all of the family photos done and to provide photos to other vendors as a way to prove their perishable work. Same with all of the other vendors, we need them to understand how long it will take them to set up, etc. We all count on one another to be professionals and when someone is not, everyone has a problem.

The problems with the “F” word don’t stop there and are more importantly about the clients who use their friends. We understand that planning a wedding is not cheap and everyone wants to save money any way they can here and there. So if your friend wants to get into videography and has the equipment, why not use them right? What if you are disappointed in your video? Can you tell your friend that? Even if you’ve paid them, would you feel comfortable complaining? Will it hurt your friendship in the end? And what if you didn’t pay and you don’t like something, then do you have the right to complain? What if it isn’t your friend, but your friend’s friend, will your friend be offended if you don’t like their friend’s work after they’ve tried to help you out?

The bottom line is that everyone wants to save money, but do you want to do so at the risk of your wedding or event? Everyone has to start somewhere and I will forever be grateful to my first clients. However, be realistic about what is important to you. If you don’t really care that much about the music and you know your friend is competent and you can put them in touch with your planner, then go for it, save yourself some money. But if flowers are the most important thing to  you, then trust that task to a professional. Doing something right the first time will always save  you  money in the long run!

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