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Hanukkah Crafts!

Hanukkah started yesterday, but it is never too late to do some fun holiday crafts! Since there are eight days of Hanukkah, here are eight crafts that will put all of your family and friends in the holiday spirit.


Gelt Table Runner

tablerunnerMy Jewish Learning

Cookie Menorah

Cookie-MenorahSweet Designs: A Blog By Amy Atlas

Hanukkah Coasters

Hanukkah-coasters-2Purl SOHO

Dreidel Surprise Cookies


Paper Dreidels

paperdreidles_xlMartha Stewart

Dreidel Garland

Dreidel-main2Style At Home

Dreidel Gift-Card Holders

la103003_1207_dreidelcards_hdMartha Stewart

Gilded Hanukkah Tree

hanukkahtreeBetter Homes and Gardens

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DIY: Fall Leaves!

October has come to an end and November is officially here! That means all those beautiful leaves that made for great scenery have now fallen to the ground.  In this post, you will learn about some great ways to make use of those leaves with a little bit of DIY.  After all, fall leaves are beautiful and deserve to be put on display well beyond their time on the trees!


Glitter Falling Leaves Garland

boxwood-clippings_diy-falling-leaves-garland_2-e1379949094746House of Jade Interiors Blog

Autumn Leaf Bouquet

diy_leaf_rose_introDesign Sponge

Autumn Leaf, Mason Jar Candle Holder

5681923Spark and Chemistry

Fall Leaves Jewelry Dish

dish15Dora Daily

Fall Leaves Bowl

Leaf-Bowl-DIY-step-6Made from Pinterest

Autumn Leaves Art


Fall Leaves Wreath

Fall-Wreath-6The Latina Homemaker

Autumn Leaves Crown

6a0120a65f64b9970c019b0153efda970c-piBrit + Co

Stamped Metallic Leaf Plates


Fall Leaf Mobile

54feb5425d72c-1011-leaf-mobile-xlGood Housekeeping

Gold Leaf Place Cards

goldleafplacecardsWedding Chicks

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DIY Lighting

I’ll admit, when a client utters the words “DIY” I do get a little worried. Not that I’m afraid of a little crafting or that I don’t love the way some DIYing can look, because I do! But I digress, there is a whole other post here about why I don’t think you should try to DIY your whole wedding, (hint hint, it has something to do with stress and time management). So, when a client said to me that she wanted to use a DIY lighting company  I had never heard of I told her “ok, let’s try it for that great price”, but I was worried and I told her that too! Luckily she had a great attitude and an adventurous spirit and we ordered uplighting from Superlative Events for her wedding. The company is local, so we felt good about the lights being shipped to us since they were not coming from a distance that I couldn’t drive to in case of emergency. We had them shipped to the venue. They came in a carrying case (a heavy one, but it had wheels) with exact directions inside on what to do. There was also a video online that we could watch. We got them out the night before and tested them and it was super easy. The day of the wedding, I was able to set them up for my client, turn them on and viola, beautiful uplights, no lighting technician needed, just little old me! At the end of the night I packed them up and we sent them back the next day. So easy, such a great price and so worth it! I highly highly recommend trying out Superlative Events if you are interested in doing your own uplighting. They offer a great service.  was so pleased as was the couple!


Superlative Events

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Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day and we all have a mother or are a mother or know a mother we love and appreciate. So make sure they feel loved with a little something special, DIY or store bought, it won’t matter as long as they are appreciated.


Better Homes and Gardens


DIY and Crafts


Better Homes and Gardens


Lucky Magazine



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Wrap it Up

Baker’s twine is the cutest thing ever. I want to wrap everything up in it. And you can! That is the amazing thing about it. It is so fun and can be used anywhere! It dresses up anything you wrap it around. It just makes anything more lovely and fun and fabulous.

Southern Weddings

United with Love


Style Me Pretty

Love My Dress

Blooms Blog

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Real Weddings: AC & Chris Part 2

AC and Chris’ rustic, DIY wedding continues with the pinata and the square dancing!

All images by James Coates Photography

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DIY Holiday Crafts and Gifts

I may have mentioned my thoughts on DIY a time or two on this here blog. Keep it simple and don’t do too much. However, when it comes to the holidays. I think it is a great time to make some gifts or adorable decor with or without your gifts or better yet, decor as gifts.

Martha Stewart

Better Homes and Garden

Brooklyn Limestone


Christmas Your Way

Crafting in the Country





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Tuesday Shoesday

Homemade  Hotness! Do not ask me where these come from, I don’t know, someone made them, so not sure what she started with. What I do know is that they are adorable!

Hey! Look what I Made!

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DIY Do’s and Dont’s

1. DO DIY – it can add a beautiful, personal touch to your event
2. DO ask for help – DIY doesn’t have to be JUST the Y, ask your bridesmaids to help, delegate, it can be fun
3. DON’T get in over your head – one or two easy items can add a wonderful touch, more than that and you are spending all your time crafting, stressed you won’t finish or trying to create something that just isn’t working
4. DO know exactly what you are going to do with each item. What is it’s purpose? Where does it go?
5. DO only one or two items, more could not only be too much it could get kitchy
6. DON’T forget that your time is worth something. Sometimes it can be cheaper to pay someone else to do what you want. That way a. it is done, b. you don’t have to worry about messing it up and c. you get exactly what you wanted
7. DO make sure that someone else knows your decor plan besides you so that they can help put your DIY vision in place come day of
8. DON’T DIY just in case. Having a DIY project on hand that you do not know what you want to do with it, or doesn’t serve a purpose in some way is not worth your time or energy. Only craft what you know you are going to use and for what
9. DO make it personal. Your guests will love a personal touch
10. DON’T sweat the small stuff. If you don’t get a project done or don’t like what you did. Nobody but you is going to know it isn’t there come day of
11. DO have fun with it. And if it isn’t fun, DON’T do it!

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Quilting Bee

My grandmother makes everyone in the family a quilt at some point in their life, it is a wonderful tradition that we all cherish. I love my quilt and my daughter’s quilt and they have both already spent many hours cuddled on the couch, spread out on the floor and even at the park.  I love the idea of using quilts in your fall event decor. Use them as a backdrop, linen or to stay warm. They can add such a beautiful, warm, familiar touch to your event.

Let’s Get Thrifty


Southern Weddings

Wed in Love

21 Century Dressmakers

It’s a Jaimie Thing

The Sweetest Occasion

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