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Top 5 Ways to Save Money Planning Your Event!

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How to Get a Deal

Since it is Black Friday, I figure everyone is shopping for a deal right? Even those of you out there wedding shopping. So here are my tips for find a wedding deal. Don’t use a friend, a non-professional or try to do it yourself! There are other ways! Try these first.

1. Get married during the off season (December through February)
2. Get married on a Friday or Sunday (or any day but a Saturday)
3. Get married in the morning or afternoon (don’t have an evening reception)
4. Use the more affordable DJ’s on a companies roster instead of the most popular DJ’s who are more expensive. The more affordable DJ’s may be just as fabulous, they just play less often, it doesn’t mean they aren’t excellent.
5. Hire a planner, I promise, they save you money in the long run!
6. Use one location instead of a ceremony and a reception location
7. Don’t use Craigslist, you will end up loosing money, time and energy trying to find a good deal, just use a professional!
8. Do use group buy sites likes wedcoupon. You can find great deals with excellent pros.
9. Do DIY, just keep it at a minimum and keep it simple
10. Use all inclusive venues (like hotels) that include tables, chairs, and catering. The fewer vendors you have to hire the better!

Good luck and may you get a good deal!

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