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Plenty of brides and bridesmaids are showing up in cowboy boots these days. But a  pair of cowboy boots does not make for a western themed wedding. For a western themed wedding you are going to need a bit more than a pair of boots. If you do it right it can actually be done quite elegantly.

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Brides in Boots

It is winter. It is cold, brides want to be warm, they want to be comfortable, they want to dance, and they still want to be cute too of course. Hence some boots. I’m seeing brides in cowboy boots, rain boots, winter boots, uggs, you name it, they are wearing it and they are rocking them too. Who said you had to wear white satin shoes with a sensible heel? Nobody! So wear your boots and dance the night away in the snow if that is what you want to do!

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These Boots were Made for Bridesmaids

I love me some cowboy boots, but I especially love bridesmaids in cowboy boots! They are so cute and casual and not to mention comfortable. Plus it adds so much personality to your maids and your entire day. So cowgirl up!


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