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Happy Anniversary Nancy & Steve

August 11, 2012

Ethan Yang Photography

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Let’s Talk Flowers, with Mimoza Design

This week, I’m super excited to post for your enjoyment here my recent chat with Sarah King of Mimoza Design! Her company does amazing work with flowers, although you don’t have to take my word for it – you can check out the website and see for yourself! Read on for the interview:

Head table element from a recent wedding at Glenview Mansion | Mimoza Design


What’s the most important thing for couples to keep in mind when planning their flowers?

The biggest thing is budget – too many times, couples don’t put aside enough money for the flowers (and the labor in designing and arranging them as well!). Although each financial situation and wedding style is different, I would recommend preparing to pay $80-120 per table for the average centerpiece arrangement.

When should a couple book their flowers? 

In my experience, most couples book 3-6 months before the actual day of their wedding. I would say, definitely book as soon as you secure your venue (because the type of venue will help determine the style of flowers you want) and/or at least 3 months before the big day. You want to give yourself – and your florist – enough time to make your vision come true while also staying within a set budget, but you also don’t want to give yourself too much time and have second thoughts!

What recommendations do you have for couples who wish to go the DIY route?

First off, always make sure to ask the opinion of a professional first – I’m always happy to give DIY couples some helpful tips free of charge! The most common advice I give is to keep it simple – don’t try to make an elaborate arrangement; stick to a clean design instead that features a single bloom. Also, before committing to the DIY route, keep in mind that on the day of your wedding, someone has to make sure the flowers are stored in a cool space and kept out of sunlight beforehand (as well as make sure every bloom is perfectly in place when the guests start to arrive). This is a major reason why hiring a florist – despite the additional cost – has the major benefit of bringing you peace of mind to fully enjoy your special day; somebody else, not you, worries about making sure your flowers look their absolute best.

What other advice do you have for our readers? 

Before meeting with your florist for the first time, come prepared with design inspiration (Pinterest is especially helpful here!) Although here’s a disclaimer: what’s been put online has been put there for a reason (namely that it looks very nice and is accordingly more expensive). Also, choosing flowers that will be in season during your wedding will help keep costs from ballooning.


Well, readers, I hope you enjoyed this talk and found it helpful! And if you enjoyed Mimoza Design’s work, be sure to like their Facebook page!

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Happy Anniversary Jamia & Travis

August 10, 2013


The Captured Life


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Tuesday Shoesday

Love the color combo – Brian Atwood



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Boho Chic

A bohemian wedding may look more laid back and relaxed, but it still takes a lot of planning to create that low key look unfortunately. But don’t let that stop you. Boho chic can be so fresh and lovely. Throw in a boho touch here and there or go all out and have it be a different experience for your guests.


Hey Wedding Lady




Green Wedding Shoes




Intimate Weddings



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When the Clock Strikes Twelve…

Welcome back to the Enchanted Forest and the magical world of fairytale-inspired weddings! Last time, the story of Beauty and the Beast showed us that love is more than skin deep; this week, Cinderella demonstrates to us the importance of an unforgettable pair of shoes:


Who could ever leave these glamorous (and expensive!) heels behind? | Style Me Pretty


Your shoes are a perfect way to incorporate something blue into your wedding (hint: look out for other ways to introduce this lovely color throughout this post!) | Etsy


And when your shoes are this amazing, you just got to have a dress to match:


Ballgowns: the bigger, the better | Go Girl Magz


Looking for an utterly unique and unforgettable gown? Then look no further than this fantastical creation from Wedding Inspirasi!


And don’t forget the other details to create a grand Cinderella-inspired wedding:


Cinderella’s lost her glass slipper again! Can you find it inside this cake?


See-through chairs to match Cinderella’s iconic see-through shoes | Style Me Pretty


Nothing says “grand” better than a two-tier centerpiece…


…except maybe an aisle lined with towering floral arrangements!


Blue shoes? Check. Blue dress? Check. Blue lighting? Only for the bride who believes there’s no such thing as too much blue (I like the way you think!)


Midnight is hugely important in the story of Cinderella and you can incorporate this into your wedding using clocks set to twelve as part of your tablescape, reminding guests that magic happens when the clock strikes twelve…

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Happy Anniversary Becky & Lee

July 30, 2011


Danielle Cover Photography

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Tuesday Shoesday

Solid Gold!


Style Me Pretty

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Decor Details

The practical planner side of me is not usually in favor of anything that gets thrown away or will not serve a purpose later. If you don’t know what you’ll do with it after the event, then I usually say skip it. Of course all of this is null and void if you have an unlimited budget. Now, do cocktail napkins cost a ton, no, of course not, you can probably fit them into your budget, but these little details add up. Cocktail napkins here, a cake topper there, some signage for a table, a chair, you catch my drift. All of that being said, I cannot deny how cute all of these things can be and I love them. The practical side of me just has a hard time telling you you “need” them. But let’s pretend you do need them, these are adorable! I’m particularly in love with the few that serve a dual purpose (a thank you, a hash tag, a warning not to touch your drink). Those pass my test of serving a purpose. Love it.


Betsy White




littlethings favors


The Alison Show

This is my favorite! I love this idea!


evermine blog



So smart!

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Greenvelope – Not Your Average Digital Stationery

This week, let us temporarily leave the magical world of the Enchanted Forest and Beauty and the Beast for the digital world – more specifically, the world of Greenvelope! Their fully customizable digital invitations are perfect for any wedding-related event: engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bachelor/bachelorette party, bridal shower and more (here’s a helpful hint: Greenvelope also allows you to send electronic stationery for everything from birthdays to business meetings)!


Wedding Invitations


Wedding Save the Dates (tip: Greenvelope allows you to upload your own photos onto their templates)


Not only does Greenvelope save trees, it saves money as well – wedding invitations to unlimited guests cost just $80 and programs, save-the-dates and thank-you notes to unlimited recipients cost $24. What’s more, Greenvelope offers a handy RSVP tracking software – something that old-school stationery definitely doesn’t have! Interested? Check out a sample on their homepage (and check back next week for the next installment in the fairytale wedding series)!


Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

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