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Happy Anniversary Jessica & Justin!

September 25, 2010

Jenn Link Photography

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Happy Anniversary Kelly & James

September 18, 2011

Seth Freeman Photography

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The Sparkler Exit

msp 16

em for marvelous

It is pretty, it is grand and it is truly so fun and yes, it makes for a fantastic photo op. But that is where my love of the sparkler exit ends.  However, here are a few reasons you may want to consider rethinking your sparkler exit…

1. drunk people + fire…enough said?
2. trying to organize said drunk people with fire into some sort of lines
3. and then trying to organize drunk people with fire to dispose of sparklers properly
4. many DC area venue are historic and will still allow you to use sparklers as long as you are not on the steps, etc. Unfortunately I have still seen a sparkler put out on historic steps before I could stop it and clients have had to pay.
5. you didn’t contract your photographer to stay the entire to and therefore they won’t even be there to capture the sparkler exit
6. what in the world do you do with extra, 3 ft long sparklers?

Whatever you  decide to do, sparklers or not, grand exit or not, just think it through and have a planner to execute it. :)

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Tuesday Shoesday

Black and White Bows – Moschino Bow Detail Sandals $695



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Happy Anniversary Caroline & Josh

September 15, 2012

Kristi Odom Photography

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The Apple of My Eye

I’m super excited that we’re moving closer to autumn, partly because I just love the wonderful fragrance of apples, pumpkin and cinnamon punctuated by the newfound crispness in the air and partly because of the deep, rich colors available to create stunning color combinations such as these:






And now, without further ado, let the scent of warm apples and spicy cinnamon permeate the air with this Snow White-inspired wedding!

Just like the Disney version of Snow White’s iconic dress, this gown features cap sleeves | Wedding Inspirasi


Apple escort cards | Rustic Wedding Chic


Apple place settings


Apple candles… | Decorating DIY


…or alternatively, candles wrapped in cinnamon sticks! | Just Imagine


A bunch of cinnamon sticks wrapped together also makes a nice place card holder! | Fabulous Foods


Apples and cinnamon don’t just make great decorations; they’re also delicious ingredients in food and drink:


French toast cupcakes with maple buttercream and cinnamon | Bakingdom


This barely frosted cake is perfect for a fall wedding! | Ruffled


Apple spice cake with cinnamon cream filling and caramel drizzle on top – delicious! | Preston Bailey


Spiced apple cider in a hollowed-out apple | Brides


And lastly, I leave you with this lovely arbor for your ceremony:

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Happy Anniversary Shifali & Scott

September 8, 2012

Danielle Cover Photography

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Tuesday Shoesday

Something blue and sparkly


Style Me Pretty

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Happy Anniversary Rebecca & James

September 08, 2012

Rick Martin Photography

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Happy Anniversay Brittany & Jon

September 1, 2012


Three P Photography

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