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DIY Lighting

I’ll admit, when a client utters the words “DIY” I do get a little worried. Not that I’m afraid of a little crafting or that I don’t love the way some DIYing can look, because I do! But I digress, there is a whole other post here about why I don’t think you should try to DIY your whole wedding, (hint hint, it has something to do with stress and time management). So, when a client said to me that she wanted to use a DIY lighting company  I had never heard of I told her “ok, let’s try it for that great price”, but I was worried and I told her that too! Luckily she had a great attitude and an adventurous spirit and we ordered uplighting from Superlative Events for her wedding. The company is local, so we felt good about the lights being shipped to us since they were not coming from a distance that I couldn’t drive to in case of emergency. We had them shipped to the venue. They came in a carrying case (a heavy one, but it had wheels) with exact directions inside on what to do. There was also a video online that we could watch. We got them out the night before and tested them and it was super easy. The day of the wedding, I was able to set them up for my client, turn them on and viola, beautiful uplights, no lighting technician needed, just little old me! At the end of the night I packed them up and we sent them back the next day. So easy, such a great price and so worth it! I highly highly recommend trying out Superlative Events if you are interested in doing your own uplighting. They offer a great service.  was so pleased as was the couple!


Superlative Events

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Let’s Talk Flowers, with Mimoza Design

This week, I’m super excited to post for your enjoyment here my recent chat with Sarah King of Mimoza Design! Her company does amazing work with flowers, although you don’t have to take my word for it – you can check out the website and see for yourself! Read on for the interview:

Head table element from a recent wedding at Glenview Mansion | Mimoza Design


What’s the most important thing for couples to keep in mind when planning their flowers?

The biggest thing is budget – too many times, couples don’t put aside enough money for the flowers (and the labor in designing and arranging them as well!). Although each financial situation and wedding style is different, I would recommend preparing to pay $80-120 per table for the average centerpiece arrangement.

When should a couple book their flowers? 

In my experience, most couples book 3-6 months before the actual day of their wedding. I would say, definitely book as soon as you secure your venue (because the type of venue will help determine the style of flowers you want) and/or at least 3 months before the big day. You want to give yourself – and your florist – enough time to make your vision come true while also staying within a set budget, but you also don’t want to give yourself too much time and have second thoughts!

What recommendations do you have for couples who wish to go the DIY route?

First off, always make sure to ask the opinion of a professional first – I’m always happy to give DIY couples some helpful tips free of charge! The most common advice I give is to keep it simple – don’t try to make an elaborate arrangement; stick to a clean design instead that features a single bloom. Also, before committing to the DIY route, keep in mind that on the day of your wedding, someone has to make sure the flowers are stored in a cool space and kept out of sunlight beforehand (as well as make sure every bloom is perfectly in place when the guests start to arrive). This is a major reason why hiring a florist – despite the additional cost – has the major benefit of bringing you peace of mind to fully enjoy your special day; somebody else, not you, worries about making sure your flowers look their absolute best.

What other advice do you have for our readers? 

Before meeting with your florist for the first time, come prepared with design inspiration (Pinterest is especially helpful here!) Although here’s a disclaimer: what’s been put online has been put there for a reason (namely that it looks very nice and is accordingly more expensive). Also, choosing flowers that will be in season during your wedding will help keep costs from ballooning.


Well, readers, I hope you enjoyed this talk and found it helpful! And if you enjoyed Mimoza Design’s work, be sure to like their Facebook page!

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Greenvelope – Not Your Average Digital Stationery

This week, let us temporarily leave the magical world of the Enchanted Forest and Beauty and the Beast for the digital world – more specifically, the world of Greenvelope! Their fully customizable digital invitations are perfect for any wedding-related event: engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bachelor/bachelorette party, bridal shower and more (here’s a helpful hint: Greenvelope also allows you to send electronic stationery for everything from birthdays to business meetings)!


Wedding Invitations


Wedding Save the Dates (tip: Greenvelope allows you to upload your own photos onto their templates)


Not only does Greenvelope save trees, it saves money as well – wedding invitations to unlimited guests cost just $80 and programs, save-the-dates and thank-you notes to unlimited recipients cost $24. What’s more, Greenvelope offers a handy RSVP tracking software – something that old-school stationery definitely doesn’t have! Interested? Check out a sample on their homepage (and check back next week for the next installment in the fairytale wedding series)!


Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

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Rental Bridesmaids Dresses


This is a fantastic idea…rental bridesmaid dresses. The men get to rent their tuxes, why not us ladies? How many of you have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses that you plan to wear again but you don’t? All of us! Well Vow to be Chic has fixed that for you! This fabulous company is an online bridesmaid dress company that allows you to rent a dress for around $100.  You shop their selection, send them your measurements and they will send you the gown of your choice in two different sizes. You try them on, choose one, return them and then the dress of your choosing will arrive one week before the wedding. You don’t even have to store it for long! Yay. After the wedding, throw the dress back in the mail and you are all set. No buyers remorse, no storing a dress you hate but can’t get rid of because it was $200. Brilliant!


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New Etsy Shop: Cardinal Sin Designs

I am so excited to tell you about a new Etsy shop I am in love with. Cardinal Sin Designs is Brittany Cardinal’s shop, how cute is that? Brit is an old client of mine who had a fantastically creative wedding and has now turned that creativity into something she can offer all of you and I could not be more thrilled about it. She is doing beautiful work for my current clients and they are loving it as much as I am. She can do custom items, invitations, signs, save the dates, posters. She has great prices and is a dream to work with. I highly recommend checking out her shop if you need printed items, she’ll have it done for you quickly and beautifully!




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Styled Shoot – We <3 Shoes

What bride (ok woman!) doesn’t love her shoes? Shoes can make or break your outfit. When it comes to a wedding gown, well they have to be not only perfect but absolutely divine and it doesn’t hurt if they can compliment your flowers as well. To capture what it would be like to be a bride with amazing shoes and gorgeous flowers to compliment them perfectly we teamed up with Sassanova, Petals Edge Floral Design, and Danielle Cover Photography in Old Town, Alexandira to create the ultimate Tuesday Shoesday. This spread is currently featured in Virginia Bride Magazine.

Stuart Weitzman Porthole
I am in love with this seashell and cotton bouquet!

lowreslogo (2 of 12)

L.K. Bennet Malibu
Poppies and poppy seed pods, so fresh!

lowreslogo (3 of 12)

  lowreslogo (4 of 12)

Pour La Victorie Sophie
So much amazing texture in this bouquet!

lowreslogo (6 of 12)

lowreslogo (7 of 12)

Kate Spade Velvet
I don’t know a bride who doesn’t love peonies!

lowreslogo (9 of 12)

lowreslogo (8 of 12)

Pour La Victorie Veronica
The feathers in this bouquet make it so special.

lowreslogo (10 of 12)

lowreslogo (12 of 12)

Both the shoes and bouquets here are a reminder that you don’t have to white shoes or roses. Think outside the box when it comes to both and you can get amazing results!

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Vendor: NextWed

I cannot tell you how many clients say to me after their wedding “well, if you know anyone who wants an arch, box of candles, vases, etc. then you know where to find it”. And often I am able to make that happen for them. But now there is a place where brides can go to get rid of these items. NextWed is a market place for  gently used wedding items. Sell your wedding items or purchase what you need at a great price! Everyone wins.

NextWed has dresses, veils, decor, vases, card boxes, you name it. If it was used at a wedding or you need it for a wedding it is on NextWed. And the best part is that it is all at fantastic prices. If you want to get those candles out of your storage unit or you are looking for a flower girl basket, forget Michaels and go to NextWed.

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Vendor: Cherry Blossom Bridal

I recently learned about a bridal salon right in my very neighborhood that I am thrilled to share! Cherry Blossom Bridal, located in a little row house on Capitol Hill in the Eastern Market area. The shop specializes in gowns to fit women sizes 12 to 30. Most bridal salons only carry sample sizes for smaller women, therefore this is an amazing rare find. Possibly best of all, their gowns average about $1500 and these are major name brands. Appointment are required and they can do alterations on site. They also carry bridesmaid dresses. If you are size 12+ and in the market for a gown, definitely check out Cherry Blossom Bridal.

Cherry Blossom Bridal

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Most every client at some point in the planning process asks me “what should we do about kids”. I usually say there are a few options, giving them their own table, providing a space with a tv, etc. assuming they are old enough, don’t have kids there, or suggest some local child care providers. Well now there is NannyTainment. This local company will come to your event, and take care of the kids so that they can still be in the pictures, still get their nape, walk down the aisle if they are needed and still eat and be to bed on time. All of this while their parents actually get to enjoy the event!

The child care provider can show up your hotel or on site at the event. They bring toys, games, music and everything to keep your kids entertained. All of the nannies are screened, experienced, CPR certified. And best of all, this all comes at a really reasonable rate.

The answer of what do we do about kids has been answered. I love the idea of this service! I wish I could bring them with me to all my events to watch MY kid! :)

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Vendor: Appy Couple

Do you use your phone to look at websites more than your computer (not counting while you are at work of course) 😉 I think we all do, people are on the move, busy, doing things. Nobody is sitting at their computer these days. That is why this new app and website creating site is so perfect. Appy Couple  allows you to create an adorable app and website for your wedding, send it to those you want, post it on social media, and allows your guests to upload pics from your wedding afterward. Nothing drives me more crazy that not being able to access a certain part of a website on my phone. It is always the one link you need and it isn’t there. Appy Couple completely eliminates that frustration by turning your wedding website into an app. Such a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to get my first invitation for someone’s wedding app.


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