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Superhero Birthday Party


Having a superhero birthday party is a dream come true for many children.  They get to celebrate their birthdays dressed up as their favorite superheroes such as Spider-Man, Superman, or Batman.  However, these parties tend to be catered toward boys more than girls.  This post will give you ideas about how to have a superhero birthday party for a girl who wants to be Wonder Woman or Batgirl that will cater to her boy and girl guests.



food-tableThe Party Teacher

supergirls1supergirls2Sparkle in Pink


phoneboothCatch My Party

enhanced-buzz-32362-1367292145-1One More Mushroom

barbie-glam-station-640x948Anders Ruff

6a0120a5924ef0970b01a73e0e687d970d-piBetween the Pages Blog


Girls-Super-hero-cookiesB Lovely Events

image_13_tom_and_jerry_looney_tunes_birthday_partyWants and Wishes Design


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Zoo Themed Wedding

This theme is perfect for all of you animal lovers out there! With all of the excitement surrounding the birth of the baby pandas at the Smithsonian National Zoo, why not have a day at the zoo that is all about you? :-) Having a zoo themed wedding is a fun and creative way for a couple to celebrate their wedding day. Not only does it give the couple a chance to donate to their local community zoo, it is also a perfect place to take memorable pictures. From the invitations to the wedding favors, here are a few ways to follow through with your theme filled with animals and nature.


Purple-Orange-Africa-Safari-Animals-Sunset-Zoo-Ticket-Wedding-InvitationsEmdotzee Designs

BrookfieldZoo_06Orange 2 Photography

zooplacecardsStyle Me Pretty

Zoo-Theme-Wedding-275x412Animal-Themed-Wedding-DecorUnited With Love




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A Bride’s Five Lucky Charms: A Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe

Today is the last day of our first blog series, A Bride’s Five Lucky Charms. This final post will focus on that little silver sixpence that brides tend to forget about. While it is easy to place the coin in the bottom of the bride’s shoe, there are many other ways to include it on the wedding day.   Here are five of the ways this lucky charm can make an appearance on the big day.


Sole of the Shoe

A bride can easily place a silver sixpence in the bottom of her shoe, but the coin may begin to cause some discomfort after a long day on her feet.  Due to that, super gluing the sixpence to the sole of the bride’s left shoe is a better idea.  She can either glue it on her own or have it professionally done by a cobbler.  If a sixpence is not available, any other coin can be used in its place.


addison_boca_raton_florida_wedding-john_parker_band_16John Parker Band

Bouquet Charm

Another way a bride can include a sixpence on her wedding day is by attaching a sixpence charm to her bouquet.  The bride can customize the charm to include the colors of her bouquet or even include her something blue.  The charm will be a nicely added touch to the bouquet that the bride can pass down to someone like her daughter or keep and attach to a charm bracelet.

sixpence charmGreat British Life

Double Sixpence Necklace

Speaking of bracelets, a bride can also include a sixpence in her wedding day jewelry.  She can do this by wearing a sixpence necklace with her gown.  The necklace comes in gold and silver so if the bride is allergic to one of the metals (like me) she can still have the opportunity to wear it for good luck on her day.

  original_silver-double-sixpence-necklaceNot On The High Street

Sixpence Bottle Stopper

A cool way for a bride to have a sixpence on her wedding day is by using a sixpence bottle stopper. She can make use of this item even before the wedding begins.  Many brides will get their hair and makeup done with their bridesmaids and during this time, a bottle or two of wine or champagne will be consumed.  This bottle stopper will definitely come in handy during those hours of wedding day preparation. The stopper can be customized as well with the wedding date or a cute saying.

original_sixpence-date-coin-bottle-stopperNot On The High Street

Combination Pin

The final way a bride can include a silver sixpence on her wedding day is by wearing a pin.  This pin can be purchased or made at home, so it is a great DIY project for the bride. Since this is the final idea of the blog series, I wanted to include something that combines all five of the bride’s good luck charms. And this pin does exactly that!  While it is fun and creative to have five completely different good luck charms for the wedding day, many brides simply do not have enough time to incorporate them.  By purchasing or creating this pin, the bride can all of her charms in one place.

SomethingTurquoise-DIY-old-new-borrowed-blue-dress-pin-0002Something Turquoise

This blog series has now come to an end and I hope all 25 of these ideas have inspired you to include five good luck charms on your wedding day!

Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite ideas from this week and which ones you plan to include on your big day :-)

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A Bride’s Five Lucky Charms: Something Blue


Day 4 of the series A Bride’s Five Lucky Charms is here! This day is all about finding that something blue to add to the wedding day.  While the bride’s something borrowed may be old and sentimental, her something blue can be new and fun.  Here are a few ways she can include something blue into her wedding day…



While colorful gowns are becoming more popular in the bridal gown industry, a bride may prefer to stick with wearing a shade of white on her wedding day. Even though she may not be quite willing to make her something blue her entire gown, she may be open to including the color in her skirt.  A new trend that many brides are following is to include a blue petticoat underneath their gowns to add a fun pop of color that can be visible or hidden in pictures. This is a subtle and creative way to include something blue for the bride.


Something+Blue+Wedding+Ideas+-+Blue+Lining+Wedding+DressThe Louisville Wedding Blog



Another fun way to include something blue into the wedding day is for the bride to incorporate the color into her manicure.  There are so many different shades of blue nail polish for a bride to choose from.  She can decide to get all of her nails painted a shade of blue or just opt for blue nail art on her ring finger for instance.  That way her something blue can be a little more subtle.





To go along with a bride’s other accessories, wearing a pair of earrings with a touch of blue is a perfect way for her to include something blue with her jewelry.  A pair of dazzling earrings will stand out especially if the bride wears her hair in an updo.  Even if she wears her hair down with flowing curls, the earrings will make for a lovely photo by the bride swooping her hair off to the side to showcase them.



The Knot



Another something blue that a bride can include underneath her gown is a blue garter set.  There are so many beautiful blue garters available that a bride can choose from to wear on her wedding day.  To go along with her garter, a blue lingerie set would be a perfect something blue that only the bride and her groom have to know about.





A final way that a bride can incorporate something blue into her wedding day is by wearing a pair of blue shoes! A fun and bold bride may decide to wear a shoe that is completely blue, while a more discreet bride may want her something blue to be hidden in the insole of the shoe.  For the bride that is in between those two, she can opt for a shoe with a blue sole.  This is my favorite way to showcase something blue in a pair of shoes.  This allows for a pop of blue to be visible when the bride kicks her heels up or is sitting down.  Perfect for pictures!


blueshoesStyle Me Pretty

Now that we have gone through some great ways for a bride to include something blue, all we need to cover is how to include a silver sixpence in her shoe…

Be sure to check out the final post of the blog series tomorrow :-)

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A Bride’s Five Lucky Charms: Something Borrowed

Now that you have the something old and the something new covered, you need to find a way to include something borrowed into the wedding day.  Here are five ways you can do just that!



A bride can carry a vintage clutch that belongs to her mother or grandmother to incorporate something old into her wedding day. She can use it to carry items such as a handkerchief for those emotional moments during the day or a lipstick to touch up her makeup after the many kisses she will share with her new husband. Not to mention, the clutch is another added accessory to the bride’s wedding day attire.


clutchLang Thomas Photography



Going along with the vintage theme, a bride and her husband can eat off of borrowed wedding china at the reception. More than likely, a bride’s grandparents will still have their set of wedding china and will graciously allow her to borrow it for her wedding day.  This is a cute idea in particularly for a bride who is having a rustic themed wedding. The antique china will fit in perfectly with the rest of the décor.


532694_374894309234271_1052611227_n-590x789Rustic Wedding Chic



When it comes to a bride borrowing something for her wedding day, the item does not necessarily have to be tangible.  A great and easy way for a bride to incorporate something borrowed into the day is by having her first dance with her husband to a song that her parents did their first dance to.  The song that the bride will borrow from her parents can even be incorporated into the wedding favors.  The bride and groom can create a CD with songs played on their wedding day and hand it out to their guests.


firstdanceStyle Me Pretty


Cake Topper

Since we are on a roll with the vintage theme, why not have the bride include yet another item belonging to her parents or grandparents?  Including a vintage cake topper is a fun and eye catching way for a bride to incorporate something borrowed into her wedding day. This item can even mix the something old (the cake topper) with the something new (the cake) to knock out two of the five good luck charms she will need on her wedding day.


caketopperSuzanne Duda



Last but certainly not least, a bride can borrow an old photo of her parents on their wedding day to hold in a picture of her and her new husband.  This is one of my favorite ideas because the bride can not only take pictures with the photo, but she can also set up a table with photos  of her and the groom’s parents and grandparents on their wedding days.  This will be something memorable not only for the couple, but for those who mean the most to them.



Out of the five things a bride can borrow for her wedding day, which one is your favorite and why? Feel free to answer in the comments section below :-)

Tomorrow’s post will be all about something blue!

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A Bride’s Five Lucky Charms: Something New

Now that you have found something old, you need an item to represent something new!

Here are five great ways to add something new to your wedding day…


Gift Exchange

One way a bride can incorporate something new into her wedding day is by having a gift exchange with her groom.  This idea is great because it allows for the couple to share a moment together before the ceremony.  The gift can be a piece of jewelry such as a necklace for the bride and a watch for the groom or it can be a hand written letter.  If the couple is not doing a first look, they can exchange gifts with a door between them or have the maid of honor and the best man bring the gifts to each of their rooms the morning of the wedding.

    wedding-bride-groom-gifts-gift-exchange Gift for Heart

Signature Cocktails

Another way something new can be part of the wedding day is by the bride and groom creating their own signature cocktails.  This idea is perfect for those couples who like to be creative because the sky’s the limit when it comes to mixology.  A couple can even hire a mixologist to help them create two different cocktails that they each will love.  Of course, the cocktail names can be chosen by the bride and groom to represent each of their personalities.


His-and-hers-cocktails-at-weddingSouthern Bride and Groom


A bride will typically hire a makeup artist for her wedding day and usually a makeup trial is done so the artist can find out what she likes and dislikes.  This is a perfect opportunity for the bride to try out something new with her makeup.  While it is probably not a good idea for her to make any drastic changes on the wedding day, it is ideal to make a small change such as a different eye or lip color.  A small makeup change will add a little extra glamour to the bride’s look.


goldBMon Cheri Bridals

Monogrammed Champagne Flutes

During the wedding reception, many couples will allow their guests to give speeches and each speech is typically followed by a champagne toast.  This is a perfect opportunity for the couple to use newly purchased flutes.  The flutes can be used during the couple’s wedding anniversary or even passed on to their future children.  By having the flutes monogrammed, the couple will always remember the special day that they were used.

3017_vine_monogram_toasting_flutesHuffington Post

House Key 

One last way a bride can include something old into her wedding is by attaching a house key to her bouquet.  This is a great idea for a couple who has just purchased a new home together.  By attaching the key to the bride’s bouquet, the new home that she will share with her future husband will be included as her something new for the wedding day.  Another idea is for the key to be placed on the ring pillow instead of attached to the bouquet.

keyInside The Knot


I hope you enjoyed this post and will check back tomorrow for ideas about incorporating something blue into the big day!

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A Bride’s Five Lucky Charms: Something Old

Hello readers,


As promised, this post is all about different ways a bride can incorporate something old into her wedding day.  Here are a few of my favorites…



A bride can spray on her mother’s favorite scent before walking down the aisle.  I love this idea because it is not only simple, but the item can be used well beyond the wedding day.  The bride can even keep the perfume bottle and pass it on to someone like her daughter. *This happens to be my mother’s favorite scent :-)*


Buzzfeed Weddings


Another way a bride can incorporate something old into her wedding day is by tying her parents’ and grandparents’ wedding rings onto her bouquet.  This is a beautiful touch that I am sure the bride’s family would appreciate.

ringsStyle Me Pretty


A bride can never have too many accessories and wearing a piece of family jewelry can add the perfect touch to a bride’s attire.  However, a more creative way to incorporate family jewelry into the wedding day is by using a vintage brooch as a hairpiece.  This is a lovely item that can be passed onto other brides as well.  In addition to the hairpiece, a bride can wear other vintage pieces of jewelry such as a pair of earrings or a necklace to represent something old.

hair piece

Bride Box

Vintage Cake Serving Set

If a bride already has all of her accessories, she can incorporate something old into her wedding day by cutting her cake with a vintage serving set.  She can use a set that her parents or grandparents used to cut their own cakes. If a tradition was not previously started, she can begin one by passing on the set to another bride to use on her wedding day.


Wedding Shop @ The Knot

Mother’s Wedding Gown

One of the most traditional ways of incorporating something old into a bride’s wedding day is by the bride wearing her mother’s gown.  While a modern bride may prefer to purchase her own gown, she can still incorporate her mother’s into her wedding by refashioning it into a reception dress.

However, an idea that I like even more is for the bride to wear an updated version of her mother’s gown. In one of my favorite TLC shows Something Borrowed, Something New, a bride is allowed to choose between a modernized version of her mother’s gown or a brand new one.  I just love it when the designer is able to update the original gown and turn it into something the bride is honored to wear.



I hope these five items inspired you!  Please feel free to leave a comment about how you incorporated or plan to incorporate something old into your wedding day.

Tomorrow’s post will be all about….you guessed it! Something New

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A Bride’s Five Lucky Charms

Something1Spasifik Magazine

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”


Almost every bride has heard this saying before, but many brides tend to forget about the last line.  In fact, the line about the silver sixpence in the bride’s shoe gives great insight into where the saying originated…


According to Martha Stewart Weddings, the sixpence is a silver coin that is worth six pennies and it was created in Britain between 1551 and 1967.  This indicates that the saying signifies an old English tradition that many brides incorporated into their weddings.


Each line of the saying represents something that will bring luck to the bride on her wedding day. It is said that if the bride carries all five of the items with her on her wedding day, she will have a happy and loving marriage.


“Something old”

symbolizes the continued existence of the bride’s family and past in her new life as a wife.

“Something new”

signifies hope and cheer for the bride’s marriage in the future.

“Something borrowed”

serves as a reminder to the bride that she can always depend on her friends and family. The item is typically something the bride receives   from a happily married friend or family member and the luck from this item is supposed to be passed onto the new bride.

“Something blue”

has been connected to weddings for many centuries. In fact, in ancient Rome, brides use to wear blue gowns instead of white ones to represent purity, love, modesty, and fidelity.

“A silver sixpence in her shoe”

stands for prosperity and financial protection for the bride and her marriage. For optimal fortune, the sixpence should be placed in the bride’s left shoe. Today, brides can use a dime or a copper penny to replace the sixpence.


This week I will be sharing unique ways for brides to incorporate these five items into their own weddings in a series titled: A Bride’s Five Lucky Charms

Check out the first post of the series tomorrow to find that something old that will be just perfect for the big day!

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School Themed Wedding

The beginning of the school year is right around the corner and so is the peak of wedding season. Why not combine the two and have a school themed wedding? It is a fun and creative theme perfect for teachers or high school sweethearts who are getting married. Here is some inspiration for you to create your very own school themed wedding!

school invite

My Wedding


The Every Last Detail


Snippet and Ink


Greer Loves Blogspot


The Every Last Detail


Wedding Chicks


The Knot


The Sweetest Occassion


The Sweetest Occasion

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Eco-Friendly Weddings

In honor of Earth Day, I want to celebrate the ease in which you can plan a “green” wedding. There are so many ways in which you can make your wedding more eco-friendly. From the food to the favors – whatever your comfort level – any small thing you can do to be more conscientious about the waste your event is creating or being mindful of the impact you are making can make a big difference for our planet!

Tree Sapling Favors – favors you can reuse

via eco-beautiful weddings

Herb Escort Cards, Table Names or Favors

via weddingwire

Recycled Escort Cards

via dream green wedding

100% Cotton Invitations with 100% post consumer recycled content can still look amazing!

via paper crave

Locally grown flowers cut down on you carbon foot print

via dax knows

Catering that uses local, organic ingredients and go as vegetarian as possible

via natural home and garden

Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

via Pink Rock Bride

You can of course go as far with making your wedding as “green” as you want,  you can have no favors, go paperless for your invitations and save the dates, even have no fresh flowers, use only plants, which can be just as beautiful and can be replanted. You can also make sure all of your vendors are green, ask how your venue how they get rid of waste, ask what your caterer does with left over food, ask your planner what they do with flowers left after the wedding. Any small thing you do with  make a difference. Happy Earth Day!

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