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Eco-Friendly Weddings

In honor of Earth Day, I want to celebrate the ease in which you can plan a “green” wedding. There are so many ways in which you can make your wedding more eco-friendly. From the food to the favors – whatever your comfort level – any small thing you can do to be more conscientious about the waste your event is creating or being mindful of the impact you are making can make a big difference for our planet!

Tree Sapling Favors – favors you can reuse

via eco-beautiful weddings

Herb Escort Cards, Table Names or Favors

via weddingwire

Recycled Escort Cards

via dream green wedding

100% Cotton Invitations with 100% post consumer recycled content can still look amazing!

via paper crave

Locally grown flowers cut down on you carbon foot print

via dax knows

Catering that uses local, organic ingredients and go as vegetarian as possible

via natural home and garden

Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

via Pink Rock Bride

You can of course go as far with making your wedding as “green” as you want,  you can have no favors, go paperless for your invitations and save the dates, even have no fresh flowers, use only plants, which can be just as beautiful and can be replanted. You can also make sure all of your vendors are green, ask how your venue how they get rid of waste, ask what your caterer does with left over food, ask your planner what they do with flowers left after the wedding. Any small thing you do with  make a difference. Happy Earth Day!

The Apple of My Eye

I’m super excited that we’re moving closer to autumn, partly because I just love the wonderful fragrance of apples, pumpkin and cinnamon punctuated by the newfound crispness in the air and partly because of the deep, rich colors available to create stunning color combinations such as these:






And now, without further ado, let the scent of warm apples and spicy cinnamon permeate the air with this Snow White-inspired wedding!

Just like the Disney version of Snow White’s iconic dress, this gown features cap sleeves | Wedding Inspirasi


Apple escort cards | Rustic Wedding Chic


Apple place settings


Apple candles… | Decorating DIY


…or alternatively, candles wrapped in cinnamon sticks! | Just Imagine


A bunch of cinnamon sticks wrapped together also makes a nice place card holder! | Fabulous Foods


Apples and cinnamon don’t just make great decorations; they’re also delicious ingredients in food and drink:


French toast cupcakes with maple buttercream and cinnamon | Bakingdom


This barely frosted cake is perfect for a fall wedding! | Ruffled


Apple spice cake with cinnamon cream filling and caramel drizzle on top – delicious! | Preston Bailey


Spiced apple cider in a hollowed-out apple | Brides


And lastly, I leave you with this lovely arbor for your ceremony:

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More Mint!

So I went back to look and it appears I have written at least four different posts on the color mint! Excessive? Maybe but I clearly can’t let it go and love it with so many different color combos I keep wanting to share them. So here we go, the latest, mint and navy! LOVE! It looks so sharp and clear and fresh!




Anna K Photography







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Bring Sexy Back

Boudoir photos are becoming more and more popular and main stream these days. They make for a great wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just because gift for your partner. Who wouldn’t want some sexy photos of their spouse. I wish I’d been brave enough to do them pre-kids! And an added bonus you just might love the way you feel about yourself too! Go for it, everyone wins!




A Glimpse




The Adore Girls

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Wind in Your Sails

Summer might be winding down, and school may have started, but there’s still time for one last adventure – as a pirate!

Let these swashbuckling details steal you away:

Depending on your style, you can either go for this grand statement-making gown worn by Elizabeth Swan on Pirates of the Carribean (Wikia)…


…or a simpler – but no less elegant – dress


This bouquet is utterly unique and breathtaking – love! | Project Wedding


Exquisitely detailed pirate-themed invitations | Etsy


Go the less traditional route and send out your invitations in cork bottles! | Miss_Kitty


A twist on the traditional guestbook


A ship full of treasure! | Rustic Wedding Chic


This dark and delicious cake is perfect for any buccaneer! | Kanya Hunt


A cluster of candle bottles make an excellent centerpiece!

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Color Combo: Pink, Yellow and Orange

I feel like this is an oddly difficult color combination to pull off somehow. If your pink and orange aren’t the right shade they could end up getting lost one upon the other. And if you are doing a color combo this bold you do not want anything getting lost. This combo is all about standing out. If done correctly these shades can look so fresh and summery. It makes me smile just thinking about it!


Project Wedding


Want that Wedding






Style Me Pretty

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Drink and Be Married

After I finally finished moving earlier this week, I thought to myself, a cool and refreshing drink sounds like a perfect way to celebrate! Of course, since my mind almost inevitably makes the jump from daily life to the wonderful world of weddings, I thought I’d make a blog post and share with you some pretty (and delicious!) cocktail creations:


Pink punch in gold-rimmed glasses garnished with a slice of lemon – pink and yellow, yummy and playful! | Style Me Pretty


It’s always amazing seeing how different shades of the same color can create an entirely different feel – here, a softer shade of pink paired with gold creates a more elegant, upscale vibe | 100 Layer Cake


Champagne with rock candy stick – sweet and bubbly! | Style Me Pretty


Rose petal and prosecco punch – looks good and tastes even better! | Everything Fabulous

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Seeds of Love

As I write this it is planting season and flowers are popping up everywhere. It is beautiful, I love spring in DC! This made me think, what a wonderful thing seeds are. They come in lovely little packets, they are cheap and make for wonderful, adorable, green, actually useful favors. I am no fan of favors in general, but I do love the idea of giving seeds however you may choose to do it.




Polka Dot Bride




Style Me Pretty


Style Me Pretty


Memorable Wedding

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Once Upon a Dream

Your wedding day is like your dream come true, and what fairytale character captures this better than Princess Aurora? In the last post of this series, we experienced the opulent grandeur of a Cinderella-inspired wedding; this week, we come back down to earth with a rustic – but no less elegant – wedding fit for Sleeping Beauty.

Although the Disney version shows Aurora wearing her trademark pink dress, I actually prefer the lavender version from ABC’s TV show Once Upon a Time (reproduced below):

For me at least, lavender evokes a dreamier feel than pink, and the shredded – almost feathery – bottom layers of this dress adds a layer of whimsy as well


If Aurora were a real-life bride, I would imagine that she’d wear this lovely creation by Lazaro on her wedding day


The white peonies and ivory spray roses in this lush bouquet provide a sense of romance and rustic elegance| Style Me Pretty


This bridesmaid dress, like the bridal dress, has texture; also, the slim metallic belt adds a bit of glam to this rustic affair| Loverly


The texture of this lovely cake echoes the texture of the bridal gown, and the loose arrangement of lavender and olive branches continues the rustic theme | Brides


This lavender centerpiece creates the perfect blend of rustic charm and magical whimsy | Wedding Chicks


And there you have it – another installment in the fairytale-inspired wedding series!

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Boho Chic

A bohemian wedding may look more laid back and relaxed, but it still takes a lot of planning to create that low key look unfortunately. But don’t let that stop you. Boho chic can be so fresh and lovely. Throw in a boho touch here and there or go all out and have it be a different experience for your guests.


Hey Wedding Lady




Green Wedding Shoes




Intimate Weddings



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