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Challenge BYOB: Day 5 (Brag Day)

Today is the final day of The Garter Girl’s Challenge BYOB (Blog Your Own Business) and it is about celebrating our success from this past year. This past year has been a turning point for Events to a T. In 2011 business was booming when I had my first child and I did not slow down one single bit, going to my first client meeting 8 days after giving birth! But things were different in 2014 when baby #2 was born. I now had a very active toddler and a newborn and it was not so easy to jump back in 8 days later. So for almost 2 solid years I took significantly fewer clients and smaller jobs and focused more on little people. Which is why it was both exciting and scary at the same time to be able to once again not only focus on Events to a T, but to actually leave town and those little people in order to do so!

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to plan a few events around the National Democratic Convention for a client I work for on a regular basis. The work was challenging and exciting and the atmosphere was charged. I have always loved working on large conventions. I love to be able to see this huge thing that so very many people have worked on for so long come together and happen. When I walk into those stadiums and ballrooms, it always gives me goosebumps.

I rarely get to share about these types of events. They aren’t like social events. There isn’t often a photographer who is going to send me beautiful pictures of my work afterward. Or the photos that are taken are not the shots that blog posts are made of. They may not always make for fancy blog posts and pretty pictures, but I am no less proud of the work.



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Challenge BYOB: Day 4 (Oldie, but Goodie)

For today’s BYOB challenge, I am editing one of my favorite posts.  This is one of my favorites because it was one of the first blogs I did for Events To a T and it gives brides alternatives to flowers that are fun and unique.  Check out my new addition to this post and I hope you enjoy this oldie, but goodie 🙂

Many people associate weddings with beautiful floral arrangements, but it is no secret that there are plenty of brides out there who do not like flowers.  Flowers can be very expensive when you include all of the arrangements from the ceremony, the reception, the bouquets, and the boutonnieres.  According to Lindsay Goldenberg of Woman Getting Married, it is estimated that 8% of your total budget will most likely go to wedding flowers.  That can amount to thousands of dollars, but if you think outside of the box, you can save some of that money by adding non floral elements to your big day!

non-floral-bouquets-fabric-brooches-cultivar-etsyBridal Guide

decrease-wedding-bills-04-20090827_detailColin Cowie Weddings

wedding-reception-ideas-1-04152014nzMOD Wedding

Screen-Shot-2012-05-07-at-9.39.17-AMScreen-Shot-2012-05-07-at-9.11.05-AMKaren Stott Blog

rr_joe_kristin_057Ruffled Blog

fishinabowlcenterpieceWedding Chicks


california-wedding-25-051015mc-720x1080MOD Wedding

gold-and-white-wedding5Wedding Chicks

Franschhoek_Wedding_Photographers_fkw7ofBride Story

Hallmark_Ginn_Cariad_Photography_051_lowWedding Colors

decrease-wedding-bills-12-20120907_detailMOD Wedding

non-floral-bouquets-brooch-bouquet-loverlyBridal Guide

My addition to this post just happens to go with a day 1 trend from our BYOB Challenge! Of course adding greenery instead of flowers to your wedding is a great 2017 wedding alternative.

greenBorrowed & Blue

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Challenge BYOB: Day 3 (Your #1 Question Answered)

Getting engaged is SO exciting! Some couples have been planning and dreaming for this day for some time. And a lot of people know exactly what they want but maybe don’t have the time or need help executing their vision. That is where I come in. When I meet with engaged couples the #1 (both most frequently asked and the first thing they ask) is…


A: I am not hired to make decisions for my clients. I am there to guide each of them through the event planning process, to ease their stress and produce their event, not mine.

So worry not control freaks and type A personalities! I speak your language, but this is your wedding.  Planners universally want their clients to be happy and have an amazing day. I will work with you however you are most comfortable and works best for you so that you have the wedding day of your dreams!


Clary Photo

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Challenge BYOB Day 2: (Update!)

For Day 2 of our BYOB challenge, we decided to create a couple new images for our social media sites.  Hope you guys like them!

Events to a t(1)

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Challenge BYOB: Day 1 (2017 Wedding Trend Predictions)

Happy Monday! This week we are participating in The Garter Girl’s Challenge BYOB (Blog Your Own Business).  Today’s topic will be all about wedding trend predictions for 2017.  Here are our top 5 predictions for this year.

 1.) Metallics

Gold and silver have always been on trend for weddings, but for 2017 metallics like copper and rose gold will be all the rage!

metallicsInside Weddings

2.) Classic Signature Cocktails

In the past, many couples opted for fun signature cocktails, but this year they would rather go for more simple, classic cocktails.

Borrowed and Blue

3.) Greenery

Bright floral arrangements will always be part of most weddings, but many couples will be looking to include more greenery through garden inspired florals.

greeneryPolka Dot Bride

4.) More Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters were big in 2016, but they will be even bigger in 2017!


5.) Cocktail Receptions

Say bye bye to traditional wedding receptions and hello to cocktail receptions! Small bites and mingling will definitely be on trend this year.

cocktailOptimum Garden

Bonus 6.) Virtual Wedding Planning

While wedding planners are always a good idea, many couples will be looking to their computers for planning guidance.  They will be virtually planning their weddings online.  This gives them the opportunity to plan in their free time, whether they  are working, traveling, or at home.

virtualStyle Your Senses

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