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Interview with Tracy Leaman, Founder of Events to a T

How did you become an event planner and how long have you been doing this?

I have been planning events in Washington, DC and beyond for over a decade.  When I first arrived in Washington, DC I immediately became involved in the community, volunteering for the Women’s Information Network and was soon chairing their major events. I had similar experiences with other volunteer organizations in town and quickly realized my skill set was in planning events. Since then, my career as an event planner was primarily as an in-house planner for non-profit organizations until starting Events to a T.  I have been the event planner for some of Washington’s most impressive non-profit and political organizations and have planned events ranging from 1,000 person lunches and silent auctions to Presidential debates, corporate meetings and weddings.

We love your past events gallery and services options, but how are you different from any of the other event planners in the Washington, DC area?

Unlike many event planning companies who only cater to one type of client, at Events to a T we enjoy serving both non-profit and corporate clients as well as planning social events and special occasions. We understand that planning an event can become overwhelming and we want to be able to relieve your stress. Events to a T is a full-time, full service event planning and consulting company. This is our only and full time job. Unlike some other planners who may have other day jobs and may not be able to meet your needs immediately, you are our first and only priority when you hire me.

This sounds great, but it seems expensive, how can I afford this?

It takes an average of 400 hours to plan one’s own wedding. That is ten 40 hour work weeks! Do you have that kind of time? Well I do! Regardless of if you are planning a wedding or a corporate meeting, time spent away from what you need to be doing or money spent on costly mistakes are problems nobody can afford and hiring an event planner will give you back both your time and believe it or not, your money that can be wasted on those mistake, not to mention your peace of mind, which is priceless. How can you afford not to hire me?

Will I lose control of my event if I hire you?

I am not hired to make decisions for my clients. I am there to guide each of them through the event planning process, to ease their stress and produce their event, not mine.

Will you work with my other vendors?

I am always happy to work with whatever vendors a client has hired prior to hiring me or to suggest any vendors that may still be required.

Do you have a payment plan?

I am more than willing to work out a payment structure that works best for each of my clients.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, I have liability insurance that allows us to work without problem in any venue. We have never had to use it, but we are fully covered.

Do you take more than one event a day?

No. You can be certain that you are always my only priority when you have hired me for your event.

May we contact your former clients?

Yes, I am happy to provide you with former clients who would be happy to speak with you. Please also make sure to visit my testimonial page and read what past clients have had to say about working with me.

May we contact you if we still have a few more questions before we are ready to get started?

Yes. As a matter of fact, I recommend you read this page, our testimonial page and our services page and then call me at 202-421-4246 or email me at tracy@eventstoatdc.com for a free consultation.

Everything sounds great. What is the next step in hiring you?

The next step is for you to call me at 202-421-424 or email me at tracy@eventstoatdc.com to set up a time when we can meet so that I can learn about the vision for your event. At that time I will take you through our services and see what makes most sense for you and your needs. Then I will draw up a contract for both of us to sign.